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Steve Shefveland

Founder and CEO

Ron Williamson

Chief Operations Officer

Clayton Boop

Chief Financial Officer

Ken Linger

Chief Technology Officer


Outsource Your Call Center to Ours.
Staffed by Boomers and Seniors.

Tree Rings was founded on the premise that a great call center experience
is dependent upon a peer-to-peer relationship between your agents and
your customers.  Our call centers, which are located near retirement communities in the U.S.A., are staffed with boomer and senior adults who
are experts at communicating with older adults.  With the population aging across all developed economies, brands large and small which market to
boomer and senior adults, rely on Tree Rings to drive revenues, increase
Net Promoter Scores (NPS), and lower their total cost to serve across this demographic.




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A Great Working Environment

A Great Working Environment

  Tree Rings is a unique company, with their focus on Boomer adult employees. - Debbie, Agent A...

Flexible Work Schedule

Flexible Work Schedule

  Tree Rings cares about my work experience and gives me flexibility in my work schedule. - Helene,...

I look forward to work!

I look forward to work!

  I look forward to work.  I enjoy my team and our clients.   - Garrison, Supervisor   I...

Management Cares

Management Cares

  Having worked for other call centers, Tree Rings is unique. Management cares. Management Cares. I applied to...